Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Check Point site is unavailable due to a registration issue

Some of us may have problem to access Check Point main portal and UserCenter site since yesterday. As The Register reports, this has nothing to do with an attack. It was a registration issue.

For those who cannot make it work yet (mine is back to normal):

You can try to work this around by some means:

1. Try IPv6, that works for the main portal
2. Use www.checkpoint.com instead of just checkpoint.com
3. Access Check Point portal by its external IP address:

https://usercenter.checkpoint.com is not available though.
To access it use or https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com


  1. I highly doubt the idea of an attack.

    While I was trying to browse the UserCenter I kept being redirected to a landing page of the Network Solutions registrar. Therefore i suspect that the registrar managed to break the DNS nameserver info for their domain.

  2. There is a DNS failure, no doubt. Try to access by IP, you will see. The page you are getting is an automatic response of your ISP to unresolved Web name.

  3. Guys- it is a DNS registration issue, not an attack.

  4. that is not what i have heard from my CP sources. R U sure?

  5. Valeri, Check Point's integrity as a company and as individuals is too high to question.
    Your sources are miss-leading you.

  6. Checkpoint domain was epired


  7. Acknowledged, thanks for the clarification, all

  8. Might want to correct your post, this was a DNS registration issue.

  9. corrected, you are too fast for me, dude