Monday, July 2, 2012

Firewall race - who will be a winner?

We all remember announcement of Check Point 61000 appliance the last year.

The specs were quite impressive that time: up to 200 Gbps throughput, 70M concurrent connections. Who could possibly need more that that?

Apparently someone does need more. Otherwise how would you explain the latest Fortigate announcement of new updated 5000 series?

The highest model, FortiGate-5140B, according to its specs, is capable of  getting up to 480 Gbps throughput and 132M sessions.

The question is what nest to expect. Would Check Point retaliates with even bigger box or someone else steps into the race, like PAN, Juniper of even Cisco?

What do you think?


  1. would you trust a fortigate in this so high demanding scenario? I am really planning to migrate my checkpoint power-1 and not felling so sure about fortigate. Would you?

    1. The article is 1 year old. I would definitely go to Fortigate today, even if on paper it looks better.