Tuesday, June 6, 2017

CPET session time and subject - take your pick

Not so long ago I have asked your feedback concerning my CPET idea. To improve the game, I will be suggesting two different subjects and different times for live attendees.

So for the next time I am proposing two different topics:
  • New logic of rulebase search in R80.10 gateway - Final
  • R80.10 MDSM and VSX deployment - live demo
 and two different times:
  • Saturday 24th of June, 11:00 CET  
  • Sunday 25th of June, 15:00 CET    Final 

To vote simply leave your feedback in this Google form. You have time till 16th of June. Most popular time and topic will be presented. You also can suggest another topic for the future sessions. Please choose just one subject this time.

I also have to make an important clarification about the proposed time slots.

CPET is a private and free of charge initiative. Performing any kind of activities towards it during regular office hours is impossible. I can only make preparations and run the session on my private time. Also, as my day job duties may require some customer facing overtime during the working week, for time being we are stuck with weekends only for the live session, where you can participate in an actual discussion. That should not be a problem for those who cannot attend, as long as the recordings are available. You are always welcome to leave comments in the blog or in other media.

Thanks for your interest.

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