Thursday, February 8, 2018

Changing jobs? Brace yourself for impact of losing your UserCenter access

Probably the most annoying part of having and account with Check Point UserCenter is that you cannot change your email address.

Which is, please allow me to say it plainly, utterly stupid.

8 years ago the company I was working for, Dimension Data, had gone through a re-branding phase. All emails where changed from 'name'@'region' to 'name' Considering hundreds of accounts for all company employees around the globe, the impact was huge.
Old email accounts were discontinued, so to fix this, we have approached Check Point with a request to re-assign logins to new new email domain. Guess what was the answer?

- No can do.

So hundreds of DD engineers, sales and accounting guys have had to re-create email alliances to continue working with Partners' portal and UserCenter. They are still using this method now, after those 8 years. It was easier to keep all email addresses afloat than redefine manually tons of dependencies and details.

That was about business. On a personal level there is also lots of pain. If you are changing jobs, be ready that Check Point will sever your access even if you ask them not to do that.

In my case, I have left Dimension Data at the beginning of 2018. One month before that I have opened a case with account services to move my certification details, CheckMates account and UserCenter access to another email address. Once more, the answer is:

- We cannot do that. Please open a new UserCenter account and ask to move your certificates there. 

They have also assured me that my old account will not be closed automatically. Guess what... It is no longer working.

The main implication with changing your email with UserCenter this was is that you lose your history and your CheckMates access. You will appear as a new user everywhere. You will have to wait till they figure out how to move your certification. And I suspect recovering expert access to UserCenter resources will also be a story.

I do not even want to speculate why an established security company cannot figure our how to change an account ID without killing it altogether in the process.

However, this is the reality we are facing today. If you are planning to change your job, make sure you download all your valid certificates and bookmark your CheckMates threads. Because you will not be able to keep all that intact after moving to another email address. Bugger...

I dare Check Point admins to name me a single reason why I cannot change my email address on my account.

Anybody out there up for the challenge?

Update: My old account is operational again. Whoever is responsible, thanks a lot. The issue of transferring the access level and certification history to a new account is not yet resolved. So the challenge stands.

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  1. Having worked there for so long, lots of things are stupid and make no sense, I would be first to admit. Its very hard to defend the company you worked for when clients call in with logical request and you have to tell them some nonsense reason why things cant be done. No wonder not so many are very fond of CP or their support...