Monday, January 10, 2011

CCMA R71 prerequisites - CCMSE R71 is now required

Following my post about R71 CCMA changes, I have to say I did not manage yet to find any details about alleged simplified user experience.

Instead, I have found out CCMA R71 prerequisites have been changed. CCMSE R71 is now the prerequisite, which was not the case before. CCMSE certification was only recommended, not required, for CCMA R65. Here is the document describing the requirements, pdf only.

This is a logical step after Check Point discontinued CCSE plus certification. Yet candidates need to be aware that they will have to get one more certification before going to CCMA exams.


  1. Well, official CP keep silent , unofficial but connected source just said the exams will be administered at local CP offices. THat is all I could get.

  2. Here is wrong information.
    Only CCSA and CCSE are required for CCMA.
    CCMSE only recommended.
    CCMA lab virtual now and can student connected to it from different places in the world.
    //Local information from CheckPoint.

  3. Yes, you are right. They have changed the requirements now, as promised.