Thursday, January 6, 2011

R75 is out, did you hear?

I have just realized long time expected on the field R75 version is finally out. For some weird reason Check Point did not send an announcement about that. At least I and my colleagues in Dimension Data Switzerland, we did not get the letter concerning R75.

Anyway, I am downloading binaries as we speak.

You may want to know there are some interesting features coming with the release.

Two if them, Identity Awareness in the Check Point Security Gateway and Application Control Software Blade were already announced some time ago. In fact, these are two features we have heard a lot on CPX 2010. Finally we have them, hooray!

Identity Awareness is about ability to enforce user information as part of FW rules. Beware, it is not a software blade but a functionality enhancement of FW SB.

Application Control, according to the name, is the enforcement of Web 2.0 applications, such as Facebook, etc.

Both features are wanted on the field for some time, both are destined to compete with latest Palo Alto success on the corporate FW playground. I will be writing about both features, so stay tuned.

Nevertheless, the feature list is longer then just these two. We also have new integrated DLP, new Mobile Access feature of VPN blade and last but not least Multi-Domain Security Management.

Multi-Domain Security Management actually means that your Provider-1 after upgrade will be able to recognize Software Blade licensing. My customers are waiting for this for quite some time.

My view on the features will follow, stay tuned.


  1. Identity awareness is one of the excellent mechanism to track the users in DHCP environment good to know that checkpoint release application based rules with R75.

    Great work by CheckPoint Keep it up.

    Mubin A Mamtule. (India)

  2. You can track users in R70.20 already, this is not the point. Enforcing identity however is a different story. It is indeed new.