Thursday, April 6, 2017

CPET mission statement

The goal

CPET provides an innovative way to share knowledge and technology expertise for Check Point security professionals. We are going to address the full spectrum of Check Point related topics while focusing on architecture, optimization, troubleshooting and best practices. 

We do not want to replace other existing platforms and services, such as Check Point Education Services and Check Point User Group forum (CPUG). Instead, we help Check Point tech community by providing a new tool for social and professional interactions.


This is an independent technological initiative. We maintain integrity and transparency. We stick to the principles of CPUG community

- We tell the truth and help each other out.


We will run one hour long web seminars with an option to share a recorded version of events to those who could not participate. We plan to hold one or two seminars per month.


CPET is created by Valeri Loukine (Val). Val is known for his CCMA blog and his role in CPUG community. He is also a CPUG ambassador in Europe.

We are open to other presenters and experts to help us share the load. Contact us if you want to be a speaker. 

How much does it cost?

We believe sharing knowledge is part of success. Our mission is to make CPET accessible and affordable for a wide audience. As of now, we allow free participation in the live seminars to everybody. We are also considering a subscription or a crowdfunding campaign later, for accessing the recorded sessions. We plan to figure out associated costs of CPET during the pilot phase. We reserve a right to change the CPET commercial model to provide a viable and affordable service.


We consider CPET a community service. We volunteer our personal time and efforts to the cause, freely and independently,  outside of our daily jobs and professional obligations, without affiliations with our employers and/or particular technology vendors. 

Community Support

To make the initiative a success, we need your support. Spread the word, participate in the sessions, provide your feedback, share your expertise, be proactive. 

If you want to back us up financially, make your donation.


At this moment, we are open for sponsoring offers. If your company wants to support this initiative, please contact us.

Stay in touch

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Val’s CCMA blog will be the main tool to share information about events and to collect your feedback. You may also send us an email (cpvideonuggets (at)

When do we start?

The first pilot pilot will be announced in about a week from this moment. We will post the details in this blog and on social media. 

Stay tuned!

To support, send your donations to


  1. Thanks, seems like a great initiative.

    Nitpicky, but you misspelled "independence."