Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Check Point reads my blog

I have got a call yesterday from Check Point Israel regarding my recent post about R65 to R71 upgrade failure.

That is sweet, guys. A nice "bachura" (hebrew for "girl" or "young woman") asked me for some details and even debug messages on the issue. I will try to get those, but the case is now cold, and the customer is taking another upgrade path.

I wish Check Point support did the same when I have called them.

Anyway, thanks guys, I can see some of my words are making through the filters.


  1. Question, did you try upgrading from R70 to R71 to see if the problem continues? In my experience these issues are usually with a "syntax" issue somewhere. That basically means in R70 it was not an issue and in R71 it is. Regardless of the upgrade path you take, it will always end in the same result. That syntax, which is causing the issue, must be replaced.

  2. not if the problem is about some IPS conversion problems specific for R65 to R71 jump.

    which is the case most probably

  3. Could be. I was just wondering if you attempted the upgrade to R71 after going to R70. To see if the actual problem is the R71 upgrade on that installation, regardless of which intermediate versions you use along the way.

    My personal experience has been that there is no rhyme or reason to these kinds of bugs. They just tend to happen (although user created syntax issue seems to be the biggest for me).

    If the problem is IPS you should be able to replace all IPS files with fresh ones from fresh install to resolve that but even that method is not without exception.

    If you get any kind of valid update from Check Point, please follow up here. I spend a lot of time doing integrations and always love to here of new experiences.