Monday, March 7, 2011

R75 courses are almost here

Some sources inform that R75 instructor kits are now being distributed to Check Point qualified ATC instructors.

Instructor kit is a special books set with the course materials and instructor notes. It allows ATCs to prepare the courses.

Instructor kits are not available for sale.

If this is true, then official R75 CCSA and CCSE courses are to be available very soon.

Stay tuned.


  1. Damn, i'll have CCSE R71 training next week. I wish I could have R75 instead for the Application Control blade :-(
    Check Point is goind too fast...

  2. What training are you attending? Application Control will be in Expert, if not in Expert +

  3. CCSE R71 (

    Does CCSE+ still exist ? I think I heard/read it was retired, moreover I cant find it on checkpoint website anymore...

  4. CCSE+ does not exist today for R71, but there are some rumors it will be resurrected with R75. Indeed, R75 feature set makes CCSE too heavy to have it in one single course.

  5. Valeri, according your experience when we can expect R75 exam?

  6. It is hard to say, but I guess some time around June is reasonable ETA

  7. Unfortunately Check Point needs to move more towards a certification path like Cisco. They have way too much going on and most administrators get almost nothing from the training and certification for the CCSE that they retain. It should probably be CCSA -> 3 exams that comprehensively cover the R75 CCSE materials to get your CCSE. I hope they don't bring back the + certification as an add on that just confuses most people. Just properly structure their current training paths. An expert should be an expert.