Thursday, March 24, 2011

UTM-1 and Smart-1 fail to reboot after upgrade to R71.30

I have seen something strange today. The customer has had three R71.10 boxes, two UTM-1s and Smart-1. All with original factory images, no funky business.

We have made a routine upgrade via WebUI to R71.30. All three appliances failed to reboot after being "successfully" upgraded. They were stuck with "loading" messages on LCD screens.

We only could boot them after shutting them down with power switch.

I have checked all forums I know and SK DB for this kind of failure I did not find anything relevant. Did you see this kind of issues, guys?


  1. I've seen a few UTM-1 boxes get stuck on loading after an upgrade on all versions of R70. Each time a power cycle resolved it with no further issue that I'm aware of.

    The overall majority are fine but a handful of the upgrades I've done had this occur.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I am scared of my customers failing remote appliances upgrade via WebUI. If there is no one available on site to reboot the box after applying the package, it might end badly for the customer, UTM appliances and Check Point in general.

  3. I ran into this same issue just this week with one of a pair of brand new 11075s. A reset to the factory R71.10 image wouldn't reboot cleanly, and the same thing after an upgrade to R71.30. The other unit reboots fine, both at the factory load as well as after the upgrade to 71.30.

    On the defective unit, a reboot leaves it consistently locked up every time, where it just won't start into the BIOS POST routine. The shutdown is clean, and it will boot up OK if it's been power cycled. That's a remote maintenance or upgrade nightmare waiting to happen at 2AM some weekend, so I got an RMA for the unit to see if the replacement box behaves any better.

    Definitely something to watch out for, it sounds like we may be having more UTM's showing up with this defect in the future.

  4. Had the same with 2 UTM-1 2073. Factory default to R71.10 then upgrade to R71.30 in CLI.
    Afterwards it was indeed somehow stuck in the reboot process (or at least boot process). Since I was in CLI with the Serial connection, I just pressed "enter" and the boot continued.
    All other reboot afterwards went just fine...